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Mrs. Ruthi Yifrah

Mrs. Ruthi Yifrah (Enlarge)

Mrs. Ruthi Yifrah

Ms. Ruthi Yifrah
Born in Nahariya. Began working at Galilee Medical Center in 1973.

Ms. Yifrah held a number of positions until 1997, when she was appointed Deputy Director of Administration, In 2004 she was appointed Director of Administration.

Ms. Yifrah has an active role in the planning, coordination and advancement of large construction projects in Galilee Medical Center and the renovation of its infrastructure.

Her vision is that through development and high-level quality, Galilee Medical Center will be the primary medical center in northern Israel and a leading medical institution in the country, providing the highest levels of medical and nursing care.

Ms. Yifrah is active in the local community, serving in various organizations, including the "A Rainbow of Rights for the Child" and the "Friends of Galilee Medical Center". She works tirelessly as a volunteer for a better future for the people of the western Galilee..

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